Take Action!

Here is how you can help defeat this tax:

1. Tell your neighbors about the July 31, 2012 referendum vote. (Early Vote)

2. Write editorial letters. (300 words or less)

3. Invite GTA speakers to your neighborhood association meetings and civic groups.

5. Host a “VOTE NO” rally in your home town. Courthouse / Main Street

6. Attend TIA meetings. Ask tough questions.

7. Ask your elected officials if they support the tax.

8. Call local radio talk shows and voice your opinion.

9. Send local news stories to GTA. gataxpayer@gmail.com

10. Vote out those who support tax increases.


16 thoughts on “Take Action!

  1. rn says:

    The projects included in the TSPLOST are a hodge-podge collection of uncoordinated expensive projects that were identified to guarantee every political jurisdiction receives a piece of the $ pie, not solving a piece of the problem. It is NOT an unified regional plan to have the most beneficial transportation impact.

    People must be educated to look not at the one or two projects where they live or work, but all the expensive projects that will provide no real improvement to the region. This includes the partially funded projects that will never be completed without SPLOST-2 or SPLOST-3.

    • Cameron Garrett says:

      RN, I disagree. Have you looked at the full list of projects for your region? The I-285 at GA 400 interchange is one for the Atlanta region. That is one of the worst traffic nightmares in the country, but GDOT simply doesn’t have the funding to fix it properly. TSPLOST will provide that funding and help to improve traffic flow through that interchange.

  2. Dianne says:

    I will vote NO to TSPLOST. Georgia’s leaders have not used tax dollars in a fiscally responsible manner in the past (with the DOT being the worst) and can NOT be counted on to be fiscally responsible in the future.
    The projects in Bulloch County will only benefit the huge landowners/developers planning their housing/commercial developments and the projects are not wanted by the local residents that will be impacted most.
    Is it any wonder this is supported mainly by the Chamber of Commerce…. the very people that will most PROFIT from this tax.

  3. john says:

    Where can I get a VOTE NO yard sign?

  4. Barry Williams says:

    The fact that this a general sales tax should be emphasized. The paltry 1% more is a 16% increase in sales tax. Vote No! We can’t take a 16% increase!

  5. desperate says:

    The wording is misleading and will force the people to pay more tax for the next ten years and more. because once you introduce a tax its hard to remove it. and more over the people will have to pay additional tax on every thing they purchase and it will not untie any real traffice issues but will increase an appetitie to spend tax payer money.
    We already pay taxes that the DOT and Local Government does not use properly. why pay more.

  6. desperate says:

    If this passes the people will be taken for a ride. and the only people who will benefit are the DOT, Local Counties and Road Contractors. It will not give any new job to the people but only be a burden on every one as it will increase the cost of living for the next 10 years

    Please note the wording in Baollot is not fair at all. Please read carefully and Vote NO
    and save the people of Georgie from being misled by our Government and T-Splost advocates.

    • Cameron Garrett says:

      @ desperate – you are absolutely incorrect with your comment. We ALL benefit from an improved transportation network and the projects in the Metro Atlanta region will definitely help relieve congestion. Eliminate no, but help to reduce the congestion absolutely! And your comment about “no new jobs to the people” is horribly inaccurate. I work for a building materials company and since 2007 we have had to lay off more than half our hourly workforce in Georgia as a direct result of declining construction activity. That’s over 100 hard working, blue collar guys that are now on unemployment and we are just one company. Multiply that by the dozens of other materials suppliers and road builders and you will quickly find there are THOUSANDS of jobs that are gone! These jobs are not outsourced, they can’t be, they simply don’t exist due to declining construction activity. If TSPLOST passes the companies in our industry will be able to begin hiring again almost immediately and take hundreds of those men off unemployment and put them back to work. This is an incontrovertible fact! You are free to vote against this if you wish, but I don’t want you voting misinformed. Please understand the TSPLOST will ABSOLUTLEY help put a lot of people back to work as well as relieving congestion in our region. This will benefit the economy, the only question is whether the people are willing to pay a 1% sales tax for better roads and more jobs.

      • Editor says:

        Cam – you certainly have all the talking points. Think I know them well enough by now. BTW I also hear that TSPLOST may cure cancer.

  7. Cameron Garrett says:

    That’s right, not only will it cure cancer but it will make the hair grow back on your head! But seriously, all sarcasm aside, those are not talking points for me. Like I said, I work for a company that has laid off over 100 good, hard working men over the last 4 years due to the downturn in construction activity. If TSPLOST passes, it is a 100% fact that we (and many others in our industry) will begin hiring some of them back almost immediately. I have talked to dozens of people who intend to vote no and that’s ok. Some people will not vote for any new tax no matter how good the program is, and some people just don’t trust our government to deliver on its promises (although I point out to those folks the TSPLOST Citizens Oversight Committee was set up for that very reason). But when I hear folks suggest this will not really create any jobs it makes my head explode! There are hundreds maybe even thousands in my industry alone who will come off unemployment and go back to work earning a paycheck and contributing to the economy if TSPLOST passes. Period, fact, end of story – not a talking point, this is real life for real people in our region and around the state. As I said before people have the right to vote against it, I just don’t want anyone making a misinformed decision.

    Vote YES for TSPLOST. Peace out.

  8. sparky says:

    Looks like you identified one worth while project affecting your commute!

    What about the other $7 billion of projects.

    $ for Marta operations for the next 10 years, building new rail lines with no $ to operate, etc.

  9. sparky says:


    You have either drunk the coolaid or you are emploed by a govenment entity or contractor likely to benefit from the wasteful expenditure of $$$$$.

    TSPLOST was supposed to relieve regional congestion. The issue of jobs is more hype & baggage being thrown on the pile by proponents to justify the the $$$$.

  10. Cameron Garrett says:

    Sparky, you got some of that right and some of it wrong. As I clearly stated in several of my posts, I work for a materials supplier that benefits from any construction activity, including road building. Not a government entity at all, a private company. But your suggestion that the issue of jobs is all hype is way off base. While congestion relief is the main benefit of TSPLOST the addition of much needed jobs to the local economy is also a definite and very real benefit. My industry will absolutely be able to hire hundreds and perhaps thousands of people if the TSPLOST passes, that is a fact that I know to be true because I know how many people we have laid off over the last 5 years as a result of diminished construction activity. Please, do us both a favor and check the facts yourself. Don’t take my word for it but also don’t simply take the word of the anti-TSPLOST crowd either. Do your homework and be an informed voter, and if you choose to vote against it that’s your right but I don’t want you thinking the jobs issue is all hype because you are absolutely wrong about that.

    And regarding the 285 – GA 400 interchange that is not a part of my daily commute, in fact I only travel that way a few times each month. But I recognize how bad that interchange is and even though I live in Gwinnett county I am willing to pay to help fix it because it will help relieve congestion in our region. There are well over a hundred other roadway projects in Metro Atlanta region that will also help relieve congestion. If you want the full list of projects in your region visit t-splost.com

  11. Christopher-Duluth says:

    I really am curious about this: When the TSPLOST is defeated, what will Nathan Deal do then to magically to extend the Ga400 Tolls beyond the date he said they would end?

  12. Cameron Garrett says:

    Well Christopher, I hope we don’t have to find out b/c I sincerely hope the TSPLOST passes in all 12 regions today. But what you bring up is actually a good point FOR the TSPLOST. That is, unlike the GA 400 toll the TSPLOST tax absolutely WILL sunset BY LAW in 10 years or less. The toll can be extended, ended, brought back, raised and otherwise monkeyed with by politicians because there was no law written to control the toll. The TSPLOST sunset is written into law, period. That’s why I find it so ironic and illogical that the Ga Tea Party supports more toll roads but opposes TSPLOST. Why would you support a tax that is easily manipulated by politicians but oppose a tax that very clearly cannot be manipulated because the law was written so well in order to prevent just that?


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