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Adam Goldfein takes on T-SPLOST (TIA)

WSB Radio Talk Host Adam Goldfein

WSB Radio (750AM Atlanta) talk show host Adam Goldfein spent 2 hours this Monday morning on the topic of the upcoming transportation sales tax vote July 31.  We can put Adam in the “NO” column.

Here is some of the info he is providing on his show…


Putting some of the T-SPLOST claims to the test

Is it a “one cent” tax? No, it will not cost only one cent. It is a 1% sales tax, so it will be one cent out of every dollar of sales.

Is this a 1% tax increase? No, it is a one percent SALES tax increase. Compared to all State taxes (Current sales, income, fuel, property, etc.) this will amount to a 10% increase in tax revenue. This figure does not include local or Federal taxes.


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