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Adam Goldfein takes on T-SPLOST (TIA)

WSB Radio Talk Host Adam Goldfein

WSB Radio (750AM Atlanta) talk show host Adam Goldfein spent 2 hours this Monday morning on the topic of the upcoming transportation sales tax vote July 31.  We can put Adam in the “NO” column.

Here is some of the info he is providing on his show…


Putting some of the T-SPLOST claims to the test

Is it a “one cent” tax? No, it will not cost only one cent. It is a 1% sales tax, so it will be one cent out of every dollar of sales.

Is this a 1% tax increase? No, it is a one percent SALES tax increase. Compared to all State taxes (Current sales, income, fuel, property, etc.) this will amount to a 10% increase in tax revenue. This figure does not include local or Federal taxes.


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Cherokee County: T-SPLOST is “doomed to failure”

The Cherokee Tribune take a look at the Transportation Investment Act – AKA TSPLOST.  Surveys show few believe the one percent sales tax to be voted on in July 2012 will pass. Here is what they had to say….


According to a recent Georgia Municipal Association survey, half of the state’s mayors and city council members are worried that a 2012 referendum on adding another penny to local sales taxes — this one for regional transportation projects — is doomed to failure.

The survey was mailed to 2,450 mayors, council members, city managers and city clerks around the state and netted 609 responses. Statewide results of the survey had 49.6 percent of city officials saying they didn’t think the Transportation Special-Purpose Local Option Sales Tax would earn voter approval, with 31.9 saying they didn’t know whether it would pass or not, and only 18.6 percent expecting it to pass.

Officials around the state have also been known to play games with scheduling SPLOST referendums, moving them away from primary and general election dates, when large numbers of people can be expected at the polls, to lesser-known special election dates when only the most motivated voters will make an effort to get to the polls.

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GA Tea Party says NO to TSPLOST

“We are opposed to the TSPLOST in principle because we don’t believe that nine other counties and the city of Atlanta have the right to impose a tax increase on the citizens of Cobb County,” said J.D. Van Brink, who chairs the group’s board. “We believe that the law itself is fundamentally flawed and needs to be repealed.”

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TSPLOST: Dog & Pony Show – Questions Go Unanswered

I attended the transportation sales tax (TSPLOST) meeting last night at the Douglas County courthouse. About 60 people attended with about half of that being suit and tie top guns of the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC).

Noticeably absent from the meeting were the Douglas County legislative delegation who’s responsible for the Transportation Investment Act, HB-277. The TSPLSOT vote is planned for July 20012. The TSPLOST is estimated to extract over $6 billion from taxpayers over ten years.

The “public forum” was very controlled by the ARC and required citizens to fill out and submit a question card to be read by a moderator. The public was never encouraged to speak up or ask additional questions during the meeting. Continue reading

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TSPLOST Meeting Tomorrow 5pm Douglasville, Ga

Douglas County Courthouse
NOTICE OF PUBLIC MEETING: There will be a public meeting regarding the Transportation Investment Act on September 7, 2011 from 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. in Citizens’ Hall located at the Douglas County Courthouse, 8700 Hospital Drive, Douglasville, GA 30134


Taxpayer Advocates Launch Campaign Against TSPLOST

Douglasville, GA:    The Georgia Taxpayers Alliance, Inc. (GTA) has launched an informational campaign opposing the Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax Referendum (TSPLOST) slated for a vote July 2012. The proposed tax is said to be the largest tax schemes in Georgia’s history. The tax will extract from taxpayers an estimated $15-$18 billion over 10 years from 12 regions statewide. The Atlanta Region tax is estimated to be over $6 billion. Continue reading

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TSPLOST: Cobb Rail – N. S. E. W. ?

The editors at the Marietta Daily Journal tease the suggestion that by moving the latitude and longitude of the proposed $1 (point -something-something) billion dollar rail line Cobb County voters “might” be more likely to vote for the $6.5 Billion 10 county transportation sales tax referendum slated for July 2012.

Their readers questioned not only the logic of the rail line but also the cost of spending 85% of the proposed tax on 13 miles of rail with only one mile within Cobb County.

If such a transit line is going to be built, is a line connecting the Cumberland Mall area and Midtown really the best route? We suspect that Cobb and other northwest Georgia residents would say “no” — and by an overwhelming margin. But that is what is on the table, and that is what would sop up the lion’s share of the estimated $1.1 billion generated for Cobb by the 1 percent, 10-year TSPLOST if it is passed next year by voters in the 10-county metro region.

Read more: The Marietta Daily Journal – TSPLOST Rail Reroute might make plan more palatable

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Is TSPLOST taxation without representation?

DEAR EDITOR: As the coming TSPLOST debate and eventual vote begins in earnest this coming year, I believe we may find our beloved Cobb in the proverbial place of “being between a rock and hard place.” First, let me state unequivocally, I do not favor the passage of the proposed TSPLOST in its present form. In fact, upon closer inspection, it seems that Cobb citizens could be saddled with a tax which has no sunset in sight and has little to no benefit to Cobb. This tax could potentially be forced upon Cobb, even if the majority of voters in our county reject this additional tax at the ballot box. Continue reading

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Anti-tax views aren’t only T-SPLOST problem

Athens Banner-Herald offers this opinion on TSPLOST.


Fears that the referendum might go down in flames likely are predicated, at least in part, on the anti-tax sentiment that is taking hold among many voters in a lagging economy that has them watching literally every penny that comes out of their checkbooks.

Read the opinion here>>>

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