Transportation Investment Act of 2010

House Bill 277 signed into law June 2010 created 12 special tax districts (regions). Each region shall have its own transportation projects list. Each region shall vote to approve or disapprove its list. The results of each region referendum shall be determine by the over all vote of the district and is NOT a county by county referendum. This referendum is also know as a Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax or TSPLOST.

The vote on TSPLSOT shall be held on the date of the general state-wide primary in June 2012.

The Ballot Question

‘( ) YES ( ) NO

Shall _______ County’s transportation system and the transportation network in this region and the state be improved by providing for percent special district transportation sales and use tax for the purpose transportation projects and programs for a period of ten years?’


One thought on “Legislation

  1. Patrick says:

    The arrogance of the Ballot Question wording is appalling. It assumes the transportation “network” will be improved, when even its proponents say it will do nothing to relieve road traffic congestion. It increases sales tax by a minimum of 14% without saying so. To say this is slanted and disingenuous is an understatement.

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