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Higher Taxes or Commute Alternatives?

Georgia Clean Air Campaign offers Atlanta commuter alternatives.

We can increase our taxes or we can unitize existing transportation alternatives.

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Tax Group Says “NO” to Transportation Tax

Taxpayer Group Organizes against Regional Transportation Tax (T-SPLOST)

The Georgia Taxpayers Alliance, Inc. (GTA) has announced it will launch a grassroots campaign to defeat the July 31 Transportation Investment Act (TIA) Referendum, also called T-SPLOST. The tax is estimated to cost metro-Atlanta taxpayers more than $8.5 billion over ten years. 

James Bell, director of GTA said he is organizing in the 10 county Atlanta region to inform voters of the pending vote and encourage voters to vote “NO” on July 31.

Bell said while his group of grassroots activists cannot compete with a multi-million dollar pro tax campaigns funded by special interest groups, they do have dedicated citizens willing to work county by county to turn out the vote against the massive tax proposal.

“The opposition to the transportation tax is growing,”Bell said. “Even lawmakers who previously supported the tax have now come out opposing it.”

According to GTA, activists will be using social networks, attending public meetings, writing editorial letters and holding public demonstrations to bring attention to the sales tax vote in July.

Ron Williams, co-founder of GTA and a Gwinnett County resident said Gwinnett will be a major player in defeating the tax.

“D.O.T. projects like HOT lanes have made Gwinnett voters skeptical of any proposal to reduce traffic congestion,” said Williams.

The group believes an informed public will reject the 10-year tax increase, but the key to defeating the tax is voter turn out. Voters most go to the polls. “If you stay home and do not vote it is just like a vote in favor of the tax,”Bell said.

GTA has set up an educational Blog at .

James Bell and other metro-Atlanta activists are available for media interviews.

For more information:  James Bell – 404-452-4668 or Email –

TSPLOST is about everything except transportation.

by Paul W. Lentz, Jr. – Peachtree City, Ga

The Kingston Trio in 1959 sang about a man named Charlie who lacked a nickel to make the fare necessary to get off the Boston Mass Transit Authority (MTA) subway. Charlie was doomed forever to ride the subway, the “Man Who Never Returned.”

Today, it’s hard to relate to Charlie’s problem: a 15-cent subway fare (the total Charlie needed) is in the far past. On the other hand, the more I learn about the Transportation SPecial Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) and the uses for which it is intended, the more I feel like I was trapped in a maze of politics worse than the MTA tunnels under Boston.

The TSPLOST is about everything except transportation.

It is about a bunch of politicians out to make what they perceive as the wealthy people pay what the politicians preach to the masses to be the wealthy’s “fair share” of the cost of wasteful government spending. (Or, should that be “fare share”?)

It’s about politicians who just can’t stand that the people of Fayette County voted down a local TSPLOST in 2010, and who have figured out a way to get their revenge by diluting our votes and forcing the tax down our throats.

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Mayor Haddix: Regional T-SPLOST is a net negative for Fayette taxpayers

Peachtree City mayor Don Haddix says TSPLOST “net negative” for Fayette taxpayers.

On being a donor county, Fayette will contribute $190 million in TSPLOST. We will get back $143 million. Does the difference not make us a donor county?

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