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Atlanta Region rejects T-SPLOST 63% to 37%

The 10 county Atlanta Region (3) rejects the transportation sales tax referendum in a landslide  63% to 37% – as well as 8 other regions.  Three (3) regions say YES.

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T-SPLOST Supporters List

Following is a March 16 list of donors to Citizens for Transportation Mobility’s upcoming advocacy efforts for the transportation sales tax referendum. This project is legally distinct from, but related to, the current educational marketing campaign by The Metro Atlanta Voter Education Network. Donors are listed in the order presented.

Cox Enterprises (AJC – WSB)

Georgia Association of Realtors

Georgia Power Co.

The Coca-Cola Co.

Yancey Bros. Co.


C.W. Matthews Contracting Co.


Cousins Properties Inc.

Delta Air Lines

Genuine Parts

WSBTV Poll: 56% Oppose Sales Tax Referendum 1 (T-SPLOST)

From WSB TV Atlanta : A poll conducted less than three weeks before the Georgia statewide primary shows support for a transportation referendum continued to slip.

A majority of black voters no longer support the measure for the first time. Pollster John Garst said opposition from state Sen. Vincent Fort and other community leaders has hurt the TSPLOST in more urban areas. Opposition has grown among Republicans since the last poll on June 29, while support among Democrats has almost dropped below 50 percent as well.







Outside the perimeter, 64 percent are opposed to the tax and just 28 percent supporting the plan.  Opposition to the TSPLOST also rose among women, younger voters and Democrats, according to the poll.

Political Insider Channel 2 poll: Transportation sales tax support slips

AJC Political Insider Jim Galloway reports support for the July 31 transportation 1% sales tax referendum is slipping. A Rosetta Stone Communications poll conducted for Channel 2 Action News found only 38 percent of voters in 10 metro counties support the proposed tax, while 49 percent oppose the plan.

AJC Reports: T-SPLOST Project List Leaves Voters “in the dark”

AJC reports that the 15% local discretionary project lists allowed by the Transportation Investment Act (TIA) may never be revealed by city and county governments until after the July 31 tax vote.

The local list may be worth more than $1 billion.  Voters have no idea what they will actually be voting for according to the AJC.

We encourage you to vote “NO” on this 10 year tax referendum

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Each of the region’s counties, cities and towns would get a share of the $1 billion to spend on transportation. But unlike the regional $6 billion fund, there is no requirement to list a single project for the $1 billion local fund. In many cases, voters at the polls July 31 will have no way of knowing where the projects are that the local money would build.

An Atlanta Journal-Constitution survey of all 78 of the region’s city, town and county governments found that more than half don’t even have a project list more than two years after the referendum bill became law.

TSPLOST Shell Game

This was published in the Marietta Daily Journal

Dear Editor,

Cobb Chairman Tim Lee’s new proposal to make the transportation sale tax referendum more palatable by reducing the amount ear marked for a rail line from Fulton County to Cobb by $300 million is nothing more than a shell game…a magic trick. The hand is faster than the eye!

So now he claims they can build the 13 mile rail line for $500 million? The truth is once this tax is approved there is nothing in the Transportation Investment Act that will enforce the project list. Once they have the money they can do what they want with it. They can shift the money at will. They can move cash from one county to another and there is nothing we can do about it. Continue reading


TSPLOST Date Move Falls Apart

Jason Pye an Atlanta Blogger reports the move to change the TSPLOST vote from July 2012 to November has fallen apart after legislator could not reach an agreement. Some legislators were pushing to move all SPLOST votes to the November general ballot. Here is the report from the AJC. Click Here>>>

Deal spokesman Brian Robinson said late Wednesday morning that Republicans were on board with combining the transportation referendum date change with moving all future tax referendums. But top lawmakers quickly refuted that.

Jason Pye is a blogger and writer from Atlanta, Georgia. He and his work have been featured in stories in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Fox News, Creative Loafing, Washington Independent, Georgia Public Broadcasting and WSB-TV and has done numerous radio interviews on state and national politics. He has also contributed commentary for the Georgia Public Policy Foundation, a free market think tank based in Atlanta, which has been published in newspapers across the state. You can follow Jason on Twitter and Facebook.

AJC Coverage of TSPLOST

The AJC has a list of archived articles on the Transportation SPLOST.

Read the list here>>>

Reaction mixed on regional transportation list

AJC reports on public reaction to the TSPLOST project list.

“Whatever the final list turns out to be, it won’t be enough to sway voters in Cherokee County, said H.T. Bradford.”

“We don’t look for this to do anything for us,” said Bradford, a leader of the Hickory Flat Tea Party Patriots, who plans to work on defeating the regional tax. “This is not worth swallowing a 1 percent tax. There is nothing wrong with traffic in Cherokee County that getting up 15 minutes early won’t solve. This will be another sales tax that won’t go away.”

“The only way this is going to be a successful program is if we invest in transit, get people out of their cars and reduce traffic,” DeKalb Commissioner Lee May said. “If I-20 is not in there, getting us to Wesley Chapel, I don’t see it. If [DeKalb and Fulton residents] can’t see that benefit from the two pennies [the existing MARTA tax and regional transportation tax] they’re going to be paying, it’s going to be difficult.”

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TSPLOST: Atlanta Region Project List Revealed

The AJC reports the Atlanta Regional Transportation Roundtable has released a list of projects on August 15 2011, the deadline for project submissions.

“This is a victory for the region,” said Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, who played a central role in the negotiations, and is credited as key in getting the referendum law passed last year. “I think what turned the tide is not quitting and not being overcome by frustration or anger. There were a couple of moments where the conversation and the work could have gone either way. And I think all of the members did a good job of walking that back.”

The 10-year tax is expected to raise $7.2 billion, of which $6.1 billion goes to the regional project list. The other $1.1 billion may be spent by counties and cities on transportation projects of their choosing.

For some voters, that seems unlikely. Monday morning, about 20 tea party members gathered in the Capitol, many from Fayette County, to lambaste the transportation tax, and efforts that are under way to move the 2012 referendum vote from the July primary to the November general election.

“They want to skew the outcome,” said Debbie Dooley, one of their leaders. Dooley added that she would consider the tax proposal only if the portion going toward mass transit were 25 percent or less. The portion approved in the draft Monday is about 55 percent, according to the Atlanta Regional Commission.

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