Georgia Taxpayers Alliance, Inc. – GTA is a grassroots taxpayer’s advocacy organization. Our goal is to keep the public informed concerning tax matters and help activists organize efforts to reduce our tax burden.

GTA is available for media interviews and welcomes your inquiries.

GTA can be reached at GaTaxpayer@gmail.com

Director  James Bell – 404-271-9061

Blog “TSPLOST” – News and information about the 2012 Georgia Transportation Investment Act, (AKA- TSPLOST) the bill was signed into law by former Governor Sonny Perdue in June 2010.

The vote on the referendum  is scheduled for  July 31 2012.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Charles Garnto says:

    I originally became aware of this referendum by virtue of the constant robocalls! Annoying, and unstoppable. Even after blocking the calls would still come through. Of course this was enough to make my mind up about the “NO” vote, but after reading further I am in total agreement with stopping this additional tax. The fact that the Interstate lanes were stolen from the taxpayers and converted into another means of gouging money from us really is frustrating. I do not want give thetransportation officials more oportunities to do the same.

  2. Doug Griest says:

    where can i get yard signs?

  3. Cameron Garrett says:

    A thought to all of you against the TSPLOST. If you vote no, get used to traffic here because it won’t be getting better anytime soon. Also consider that virtually every business owner or manager in Georgia and especially Metro Atlanta is going to vote YES. Think about it, business requires the ability to move goods and consumers easily around the region. So if you do vote no, kiss your children goodbye after they graduate high school and / or college because we won’t be creating new jobs in Atlanta the way we have over the last few decades. Your kids will be going to Charlotte, Jacksonville, Chattanooga and other cities after they graduate to find jobs. And btw all of those cities are hoping and praying that Atlanta votes no. As for me and my family, we are voting YES!

  4. Cameron Garrett says:

    You call it a dooms day scenario, I call it the likely scenario if we don’t do something to improve the current situation. I understand your passion about no new taxes as I am quite fiscally conservative myself, but I also am willing to spend money on things that are needed and transportation improvements are definitely needed in Metro Atlanta. Still you and I agree on one thing, far too many people fail to exercise the privaledge we have in this country to cast a vote in free elections. I respectfully disagree with your opinion on the TSPLOST, but I appreciate your political involvement nonetheless.

  5. Cameron Garrett says:

    A “Vote Yes” sign in my yard and bumper sticker on my car. Have attended 4 public TSPLOST info sessions. Have posted replies to negative comments on several websites such as this one. Called the Eric Erickson show and shared my opinion with Mr. E (I am a regular listener and fan of his show). Have been wearing my “Vote Yes” button every day for the last 2 months which has generated at least 2 dozen personal conversations with people at restaurants, gas stations, and grocery stores. I am leading a group of 10 or so people at work who will be making phone calls Monday and Tuesday evening to likely voters to encourage a yes vote. And finally, I voted YES yesterday in Gwinnett County’s early voting session. While I could have done more, I feel pretty good about my partication in the process. Oh, I am also trying to contact the right people to see if I can get onto the Citizens Review and Oversight Committee for Metro Atlanta should it pass in this region. That is part of the TSPLOST law that I really love, there is a Committe of regular citizens for each region that meets regularly several times a year to make sure the funds are being spent properly. No other funding program in the history of our Republic has had such transparency and oversight as far as I know.

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