July 31 T-SPLOST Election Results

Be sure to check back with us on election night July 31 for the election results for the transportation referendum (T-SPLOST / TIA). We will post results ASAP.

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21 thoughts on “July 31 T-SPLOST Election Results

  1. Richard hughes says:

    1.T-SPLOST says it all T (taxes) LOST.
    2. Over half, 52%, goes to rail, trollies, MARTA.
    3. 8%+ tax will be higher when new tases are added for groceries, medicine, internet purchases, and cars (new and used).
    5. From now to 31 July, VOTE NO! on T-SPLOST!!

    • ARS says:

      I expect a red-state neocon to say “NO, NEVER, EVER to taxes… especially when I don’t derive a direct benefit! Selfish, racist and intolerant people – conservatives are. I can hear them now: If’in I don’t get a direct benefit, I ain’t wantin’ one red penny of maaay money goin’ to anything… especially if’in I think people of color maaaght benefit!

      • Richard hughes says:

        ARS, Name calling and group associations are a sign of no accountablity. No individual FREEDOMS. You need to look at the facts. Government is too wasteful. We need accountablity from elected officials, not lies and half truths for the zombees to follow. Wake up and count the wasted money. You can spend money only once and government money is not free money. It is tax money that the taxpayer needs to support their local community, not to be wasted by politicians. You can throw your money away, but not my money. My community needs it. Not Atlanta, ot D.C..

      • ronaldbutts722@yahoo.com says:

        Why does everyone that doesnt agree with you have to be a racist,intolerant, and selfish red state neocon? If you want to pay more taxes, then go ahead.

      • Cameron Garrett says:

        ARS, I won’t even comment on the TSPLOST here except to say I voted yes. What I would like to say is that you should take a good look in the mirror after re-reading your post. Why must you name call, why are you so hateful? Whether I agree or disagree with your position we should be able to have a civil debate about the issues in this type of forum without resorting to the use of parochial mudslinging.

      • David says:

        I am of color….I am the white color

    • Bill Crim says:

      Where will the money come from? Gas taxes? I don’t think so. Atlanta is getting beat by Dallas, Houston and Charlotte, and the reason why, ROADS. We all need roads, so a sales tax is a viable way to fund them. Otherwise, get use to more and more TOLL roads. I am a card carrying member of the Georgia Republican party and a neo-con. Many of the projects will have a major positive economic impact on the marketplace. As a business owner, I see the benefit. Will there be inefficiencies? Of course, but this true no matter how the government funds these projects. A NO vote means stagnation and an Atlanta that cannot compete with the other major markets in the South.

      • Richard hughes says:

        Houston’s traffic is 1,000. times worse than Atlanta’s traffic. Traffic is not the problem. The problem is government and government’s attitude toward the people and taxes. Atlanta’s and Dekalb’s attitude is jobs programs to get re-elected. Not about efficencies, protecting the taxpayer and saving money. It seems the moore that they can spend the happier Atlanta and Dekalb governments are. Overpaying government employees and adding pentions and benefit just add to the cost of government.

  2. Z.L.F. says:

    I voted early and I voted YES for the TIA! Georgia is ranked 48th in transportation investment. We have to enhance the state’s infrastructure by investing in transportation on a local level. We can’t afford to say no to $3 BILLION in business that will be available for businesses that will enhance the city of Atlanta and the surrounding counties in a positive and major way!!!!

    • Richard hughes says:

      You are an idiot. Taxes will go up (on groceries, medicines, cars, internet sales and all regular sales. 52% of the 1% (+++more$ HA) goes to rail, marta, and even more to government waste, inefficencies, cost over runs, very high government salaries, no supervision or accountabilities. We pay for all of that.
      TSPLOST= TAXES LOST, wasted. Who is responsible and will be locked-up for lack of controls? Reid, Deal, attorneys? It will not happen, only if you are dreaming.

      • Cameron Garrett says:

        Now Richard, you are doing exactly what ARS did and you called him out for it – name calling. Why must you call ZLF an idiot just b/c he disagrees with you? I happen to be a VERY conservative individual who voted YES for TSPLOST. Let me address a few of your points. First, 52% of the Metro Atlanta region dollars will go to TRANSIT, not to Marta. A lot goes to Marta yes, but a lot also goes to bus rapid transit and other transit projects in the other 8 counties in the region. Just wanted to be clear that not all transit dollars go to Marta. And that is only 1 of the 12 regions in GA. In the other 11 regions almost all of the money goes to roads not transit b/c outside of Atlanta there isn’t much transit to speak of (or required for that matter). Regarding gov’t waste I tend to agree with you but to that I say don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Our gov’t does a lot it should not, but one thing gov’t should do is build and maintain an excellent transportation infrastructure. As has been pointed out GA spends less per capita on infrastructure than 47 other states even though we have been one of the fastest growing for decades. We must expand and improve our infrastructure to remain viable and competitive and yes that will take tax dollars. Finally, regarding the notion of ACCOUNTABILITY, the TSPLOST provides for more transparency, public input, and accountability than any other gov’t program I am aware of in my lifetime. Local elected officials from every county within every region developed the regional project lists after receiving input from thousands of citizens. There is a citizen review committee for each region to insure the money is spent properly and they are REQUIRED BY LAW to meet and publish their findings each year. And the tax must end in 10 years again by law, no exceptions. So while I agree with many of the conservative principles you espouse I encourage you to check the facts on issues more thoroughly before casting your vote in the future.

    • J.T.D says:

      Transportation is important, but the amount of revenue generated in the next ten years wont even cover the expenses of what the government has in store. If they wont have enough money to do it with a 1% increase, What is going to stop them from say well we need 1% more and that’s all we will need? It won’t stop them from asking for more money, so when is the time that citizens say enough. We already pay enough in taxes as it is. It seems like the government is all for raising taxes to suit their needs, but they never consider reducing spending and using that money for a better purpose. Why does the government feel the need to take more money instead of using the money they already have to improve roads. If this is so important, why not make it a priority to use existing tax funds to support it?

      • Cameron Garrett says:

        Well it seems a moot point now JTD but let me attempt to respond. I agree our government (at all levels) takes too much of our hard earned money and spends it unwisely on things the gov’t should never be doing. However, transportation funding must largely be handled at the state and local level and currently in GA we rank 48 out of 50 in funding infrastructure even though we are one of the most populous states and among the fastest growing. Our primary (almost sole) source of infrastructure funding is the state gas tax which hasn’t been increased in over 20 years AND is among the lowest in the nation. This source is drying up as all cars and trucks become more fuel efficient and now we have Nissan Leafs etc that use no gas at all. Electrics pay zero gas tax but use the roads, so the concept of the gas tax as a user fee is going to slowly go away. Replacing the gas tax with a sales tax makes absolute sense b/c everything you buy had to be loaded onto a truck and shipped to a store or to your house thus using the roadway system. Therefore the more stuff you buy the more you are utilizing the transportation infrastructure, and the more tax you pay to support that infrastructure via the stuff you buy whether you drive a suburban or a Prius or ride your bike everywhere. So now that TSPLOST seems to have been shot down in most regions perhaps our elected officials will do what they lacked the courage to do several years ago and simply pass a dedicated tax specifically to fund infrastructure, including a system to phase out the gas tax over time and replace it with a sales or other user fee type tax. Until that happens, which will likely take years, you can expect very little especially in Atlanta in the way of infrastructure improvements b/c you didn’t want to pay a penny.

  3. mac says:

    The problem isn’t the amount that goes to rail, it is the amount that will be wasted and the amount being wasted on trying to shove this down our throats! I am happy to say I voted against since the big projects that are most needed are already going to happen, and the projects that are for special interests only, not for general transportation improvements.

    What I don’t like is the 4-6 a week glossy, full color 10×12 sized (I think) ads for vote “yes” along with the massive number of TV spots. Would we need an additional tax if that money had been spent on transportation needs instead of advertising?

    • Cameron Garrett says:

      Mac, sorry you voted no. Just a few quick thoughts. First, the notion that these projects are already going to happen is incorrect. Many of the largest projects will never happen without TSPLOST or some other additional source of funding. The normal gas tax revenues and the laws in place that govern their use are not sufficient. Even some of the smaller projects that will eventually get built will be built 15 to 20 years later if TSPLOST fails. So imagine, widening of Spout Springs road in Flowery Branch and of Buford Highway in Buford will happen by 2015 if TSPLOST does pass or by 2030 if TSPLOST does not pass. Don’t know about you, but I am willing to pay another penny to have those important projects built now instead of when I retire! Finally, the advertising you mention was funded by private contributions not by the DOT or any governmental agency. And for the record if you took ALL of the ad dollars spent to promote TSPLOST in Metro Atlanta you might have enough to build one of the 157 projects on the list, and it would be one of the smaller ones at that.

      • mac says:

        According to the research, the projects that affect the area, not specific groups, like the 400/285 interchange are going to happen. They may not happen quick, but they will happen.

        My concern is the really localized projects that are planned, like the down-town Atlanta projects that don’t help the congestion or getting around unless you live down there or spend most of your time down there (driving in and out will not generally benefit from trollies and definitely not enough to vote yes on this.

        As for the funds provided for advertising, I can’t help but wonder how much of that was provided by people who will directly receive funds from the projects, or who live in the areas that the very localized projects are affecting.

        Of course, I am a bit jaded, I lived in Chicago and experienced a true transit system that is actually usable. I looked at changing my commute for a previous job to utilize transit and it would have increased my cost and required twice as long (I was working at a CDC site). Part of that is the Cobb County not having Marta issue, but most of it was Marta doesn’t provide sufficient service. That’s one place where the right improvements would be the best choice. While people talk about T-Splost helping Marta, the Marta projects wouldn’t fix what is broken there.

  4. Jason W. says:

    I am strapped as it is in this sorry economy. If anything I am going under. I can’t pay yet another percent of my already taxed income to another cause. I just can’t afford it. ARS, nice comment. How can I sign over my little paychecks to help minorities, I’ll just not eat or something… we will see how long that last. You want me homeless, WHY?

  5. Katy says:

    I probably go into Atlanta once or twice a year.
    I ride MARTA maybe once every OTHER year.
    My little Northwest Georgia county has OVERWHELMINGLY voted no (72%) to this program.
    Hoping the rest of our region is as smart!

  6. CBR600RR says:

    Too bad – actually not too bad…but GOOD – it appears that most folks just don’t trust the system anymore to do what is in the best interest of the majority….sad…but true. Government, special interests have in fact earned their reputations….and people have started to see through the glossy marketing materials and BS marketing ploys….and are stopping this kind of crap dead in its tracks. If traffic is our issue…and that’s indeed a fact….someone show me one project that will alleviate any traffic congestion by any significant measure on any of the major interstates. I would have certainly voted YES had the projects been ones that truly addressed the real problem….instead of pork laden power player self serving line my pockets deals……


  7. Hillbilly Jim says:

    The only way to aleviate the transportation woes we have in Atlanta is to have a reduction in population. We need some folks to move out of our counties and go be unproductive somewhere else.

  8. sherrie says:

    We are forced to pay social security tax from our checks! Soon we are going to be taxed if we can’t afford to pay for ridiculous monthly healthcare premiums! They never use the money for what they say they will!!! If we did what they do we would be in JAIL! For charges of EXTORTION! If they had used the money properly in the first place they wouldn’t need to shove another tax down our THROATS!

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