T-SPLOST: Tax Proponents Resort to name calling: “Racists”

The Marietta Daily Journal reports supporters of the July 31 transportation sales tax referendum has resorted to calling tax foes “racists” as polls show 56% of likely voters say no to the tax.

Cobb County Chairman Tim Lee has also described opponents of a proposed rail line from Midtown to Cumberland Mall as racists, according to MDJ.

“And one of the major reasons is that you turned your back on MARTA,” Leinberger said. “You have so underinvested in MARTA, and of course we all know what MARTA really stands for. It’s not the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit. It is Moving African Americans Rapidly Through Atlanta. You’ve racialized it. The white suburban neighborhoods and places have completely ignored the economic development potential that MARTA could have been and will be in the future.”




One thought on “T-SPLOST: Tax Proponents Resort to name calling: “Racists”

  1. Jonas Jones says:

    I have noticed that those with no winning argument left revert to the race card. I wish I wasn’t such a stupid and racist southern boob! Then, I could easily understand how a “temporary” 16% increase in sales tax is going to provide benefits that exceed the damage done by the tax.

    And an ex mayor of a California city touting rapid transit! What the hell does he know? I lived in the Los Angeles area for years and it was neither walkable nor was there an extensive rail rapid transit system.

    If these guys want to win an argument, they’re going to have to produce PROOF that these transportation initiatives actually provide economic benefit that exceeds the cost. By cost, I don’t mean the actual penny as counted; I mean the total economic impact to include business lost to areas with lower taxes.

    If there were any real benefits to rail transit to areas that are more dispersed suburban areas, there would already be extensive facilities. As far as development following rail, I don’t buy it.

    All one need do is examine the Interstate corridors to find where the development has been. There are plenty of towns where rail still goes and Interstate doesn’t. In those places, there has been little or no growth in the last 50 years. Want a local example? Try Rome, Georgia.

    And, correct me if I am wrong: MARTA followed Georgia 400 and the development along that corridor and not the other way around.

    Rail (light and/or subway) and bus transportation are only effective where the population densities are high. I low density areas, they must be heavily subsidized. MARTA get more of its operating budget from sales tax than from rider fees. If rider fees were high enough to support the system, it would be more practical for people to own cars as the cost would be similar but the flexibility would be greater.

    Finally, here’s an idea to solve the traffic jam problems of metro Atlanta. A simulation showed that there would be fewer traffic jams if everyone would drive no faster than 40 mph on the freeways during rush hour.

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