WSBTV Poll: 56% Oppose Sales Tax Referendum 1 (T-SPLOST)

From WSB TV Atlanta : A poll conducted less than three weeks before the Georgia statewide primary shows support for a transportation referendum continued to slip.

A majority of black voters no longer support the measure for the first time. Pollster John Garst said opposition from state Sen. Vincent Fort and other community leaders has hurt the TSPLOST in more urban areas. Opposition has grown among Republicans since the last poll on June 29, while support among Democrats has almost dropped below 50 percent as well.







Outside the perimeter, 64 percent are opposed to the tax and just 28 percent supporting the plan.  Opposition to the TSPLOST also rose among women, younger voters and Democrats, according to the poll.


4 thoughts on “WSBTV Poll: 56% Oppose Sales Tax Referendum 1 (T-SPLOST)

  1. Eric Makion says:

    The TSPLOST is NOT NOT NOT a 1% tax!!!! According to my math a penny increase on 6 % is closer to 16.66 % increase in Cobb county tax rates and in Atlanta it would be 14.28%
    increase. Get it right!!!!!

  2. Free Polazzo says:

    Since the vote totals for the entire region are added together, do you have any numbers for the Total Yes or No vote for the Atlanta Region?

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