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Georgia Taxpayers Alliance, Inc.  needs your help with a generous donation. Since 2009 GTA has been a voice for the taxpayers of Georgia. With your help and a donation we can continue to build on our efforts. To learn more visit


3 thoughts on “Donate: We need your help!

  1. D. Whitaker says:

    We will vote against the T-Splost in Jackson County , Georgia.
    Our leadership wants to give our “Executive” airport close to 3 million dollars which the head airport administrator authority has said he does not want and does not need !
    Thirty million dollars to build an on/off ramp from interstate 85 to area’s for developer’s to try to sell. They sold it all before but it has all been lost back to the banks since 2008.

    Enough is enough in Georgia ! This state does LESS for the average tax paying working citizen than any other state in the region in my opinion. The elected politicians may take my money and squander, but this T-Splost is just a grab bag for their friends and cronies !
    Working and saving is not a crime !

  2. M. Holliday says:

    I agree. Cronies are benefitting. Government already has the money to maintain and improve what we have. Need to get rid of the unsustainable pensions. Stop paying your middle man cronies too much for land for special interest. I fail to see why the gasoline taxes are unable to cover this on an ongoing basis. Huge money and seems a fair way to get the money needed for these projects.

  3. Terry Templeton says:

    Funny how you guys had no problem voting to put a guy in the white house that wanted to colonize the moon. Great use of money.

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