Sales tax ballot wording to mislead Georgia voters?

A controversy is spinning around the ballot language of the July 31 transportation sales tax referendum. If passed, the ten county Atlanta region sales tax would cost taxpayer nearly $9 billion over 10 years .

The controversy is over the “preamble” of  the  “SPECIAL ELECTION Referendum 1” on the July 31 primary ballot.  The preamble reads “Provides local transportation projects to create jobs and reduce traffic congestion with citizen oversight.”

James Bell, Director of Georgia Taxpayers Alliance, said the wording was cleverly crafted in an attempt to influence voters opinion of the tax and to mislead the public.

According to Bell, this is a desperate attempt by Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp to influence the out come of the tax vote. In an email exchange with a member of the Transportation Leadership Coalition , Kemp took credit (or blame) for the preamble to the ballot question.

More on this issues later.

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4 thoughts on “Sales tax ballot wording to mislead Georgia voters?

  1. Linda Slagle says:

    The way the question on that ballot reads is more than misleading, it is a lie. Obviously written by a politician who is in great favor of the tax. Let me write it; I guarantee it wouldn’t look like that!

  2. Randy Ward says:

    As I have read the strategy and plans around T-SPLOST along with the improvements to the area that are expected it appears to be a really good approach to address many issues, both short term and long term. So the two questions I posed to myself based on available information are:

    1) Is it a good idea and do you anticipate a positive impact on the area? My answer: Yes

    2) Will you vote yes for T-SPLOST? My answer: NOT A CHANCE

    This proposal is really Déjà vu for me harkening back to the discussions on the extension of GA 400. The proposals were vetted extensively with very mixed feedback on public support with the addition of a toll to finance the project. I extended my support only when assurances were made, laws were revised, and systems enacted that would require the dissolution of the toll when all the bonds were paid in full as well as assuring funds would only be used for bond payments. It made very good sense to me that the individuals using the road would pay for the construction over time. So with the actions and promises of the politicians and community leaders my vote was cast along with a very high percentage of the populace to support the project. After paying thousands of my hard earned dollars in non-deductable tax/tolls over the years I find out GA 400 toll money would be diverted to pay for the purchase and development of Atlantic Station. The laughable reasoning was individuals using GA 400 would be traveling to Atlantic Station; therefore these people should fund the project. From there the politicians struck the blow that will resonate in me for the rest of my life. After the GA 400 bonds were retired the local politicians decided that revenue stream was far too lucrative to let go. Next the assurances, promises, and laws were thrown out in order to keep that revenue stream alive to provide money to use at the whim of our leaders. MY MONEY! I know the ten year transportation plan is a good idea. I know the greater Atlanta area will benefit from the improvements. I know the special tax will only be collected for ten years then forever suspended. I know all this but it is MY VOTE. Fool me once…..

  3. Travis says:

    Am I doing my math and reading this ballot wrong? It says a one percent tax. Shouldn’t it read a one cent tax? This is really adding a 14.2 percent tax. What am I missing?

  4. Kat says:

    I’m voting NO! Right cause, wrong solution.

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