Anti-Tax Public Speakers Available (TSPLOST)

Speakers are available for your event.

With a multimillion dollar pro-tax campaign underway,  anti-tax  activists are being invited to speak at public and private events all over the Atlanta metro region.

If your civic group,  business or news agency would like to schedule a speaker for your next event or interview… contact:

James Bell, Director, Georgia Taxpayers Alliance   404 . 271 . 9061

Gataxpayer @ Gmail . com

The Transportation Investment Act Referendum (TIA)  will be July 31, 2012

AKA – Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (TSPLOST)

$8.5 Billion Tax Vote ( Atlanta Region)


One thought on “Anti-Tax Public Speakers Available (TSPLOST)

  1. R Jenkins says:

    Why would anyone vote to give politicians another pool of money for them to misuse and mismanage? Also, why would we want to tell these same politicians that we are not taxed enough so give us some more!

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