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T-SPLOST foes say Gwinnett key in transportation tax debate

Gwinnett Daily Post Reports on GTA anti-tax campaign:

LAWRENCEVILLE — Foes of a proposed transportation sales tax said they expect Gwinnett to play a big role in the defeat of the July referendum.

Ron Williams, a Gwinnett resident who co-founded of the Georgia Taxpayers Alliance, said he believes his neighbors have become “skeptical” of transportation officials since the so-called HOT lanes opened along Interstate 85 last year.

“The No. 1 cause of traffic congestion in Gwinnett has been road construction,” Williams said on Tuesday, when the Alliance announced a campaign against the 1-percent regional tax, which will be on ballots July 31.

Last year, leaders created a project list for the $7 billion the tax is expected to bring in, and a coalition of business and civic leaders have begun a multi-million dollar campaign to encourage its passage.

James Bell, another co-founder of the alliance, said the money advantage will make the campaign against the tax difficult, but he expects the grassroots effort to win out.

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