Higher Taxes or Commute Alternatives?

Georgia Clean Air Campaign offers Atlanta commuter alternatives.

We can increase our taxes or we can unitize existing transportation alternatives.

Learn more at Georgia Clean Air Campaign.

The average commute to and from work in metro Atlanta is 35 miles a day. Gas and car expenses add up to about 56 cents a mile. That’s a lot of money going out of your tailpipe. Join the hundreds of thousands who choose commute alternatives. Just once or twice a week can save you thousands of dollars a year in gas and car expenses.

The Clean Air Campaign and other organizations exist to help you get started; find out which organization can help you, based on where you work. Or explore the links below to learn how you can be part of it.


Share the ride — it saves money and reduces stress. Find resources here to get started.


Avoid traffic altogether by working from home. And it helps improve productivity!  We can help you make the case to your boss.

Compressed Work Weeks and Flextime

If you can’t change how you get to work, change when you work.


It can save lots of money and even offer tax benefits. Find or start a vanpool by going here.


There are transit providers in major metro areas across the state. We can link you to all of them right here.


Human-powered commuting means better health and no pollution.  Get resources here to bike and walk.

Car Sharing

This new transportation option gives you the freedom of having a car on an as-needed basis.


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