East Cobb residents tee off on TSPLOST

by Jon Gillooly
March 29, 2012 12:00 AM

EAST COBB — An Atlanta Regional Commission staffer’s presentation on the July 31 regional transportation referendum didn’t make many believers out of an audience of about 30 on Wednesday evening at the East Cobb Library.

The event was held by the East Cobb Civic Association.

Jane Hayse, transportation planning division chief for the Atlanta Regional Commission, gave a presentation on the proposed 10-year tax for transportation projects that would raise the sales tax rate by 1 percent before opening up the floor to questions.

Bobbi Shams of east Cobb asked Hayse who she anticipates using a light rail line in Cobb County.

Hayse said the county is in the process of determining “who is the market, using transit, particularly along Highway 41 going all the way up Kennesaw State. There’s a lot of students between Kennesaw State and Southern Poly that are possible candidates, a lot of redevelopment going on in those areas.”

Shams also asked Hayse if she believed a Cobb-financed rail line was really meant to serve Fulton County residents.

Read more: The Marietta Daily Journal


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