10-year TSPLOST is such a beast.

Opinion from Cobb Resident:
Tim Lee is the Chairman of the Cobb County Board of Commissioners, but you would never know it by his bullheaded endorsement of the current 10-county Atlanta metro region Transportation SPLOST scheme. Lee needs to be reminded that he was elected by the people of Cobb County and that he works for them. He was not elected by the voters of Fulton, DeKalb, Douglas, Henry, Cherokee, Clayton, Fayette, Rockdale or Gwinnett. And he certainly was not elected by the voters of the City of Atlanta. So, why does our county chairman persist in his strange desire to give away more than $856 million, or 85 percent, of Cobb’s estimated $1 billion TSPLOST money to another county for light rail?

Every now and then, under the microscope of public scrutiny, the
absolute idiocy of a monstrous government fallacy becomes so glaringly
obvious that only the densest and most ill informed would even
consider voting for it. The 10-year TSPLOST is such a beast.

This cobbled-together Frankenstein monster could only have emerged
from the bowels of special interest lobbying, sheer cronyism and
behind-closed-doors bureaucratic in fighting. It has nothing
whatsoever to do with serving the general public good of all ten

I simply cannot understand why Cobb officials would surrender so much
in return for so little, yet that is exactly what has happened. Cobb
tax money should stay in Cobb. It should benefit county residents by
maintaining and improving our local transportation infrastructure. Why
would we build a train line for Atlanta and Fulton? They will make out
like bandits if the metro TSPLOST passes, but I live in Cobb. More
importantly, I vote in Cobb.

I will vote “no” on the TSPLOST, and I will use that
same opportunity to vote against every politician who has supported
this tax.


2 thoughts on “10-year TSPLOST is such a beast.

  1. ron williams says:

    The smell of money is too great for our officials, developers, bankers and lawyers to resist. This will be THE greatest tax increase in Georgias history. The citizens of Georgia are taxed enough. In Gwinnett we do not need trains. We need additional Police Officers and Fire Stations. Please vote NO on the TSPLOST !!!!!

  2. lomow says:

    If Marta is so great, why is it continually operating in the red?

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