Pete Borden: TSPLOST a Trojan horse?

Mark Mathews, mayor of Kennesaw and a member of the regional roundtable, intimated that we either vote to pay $865 million of our money to run a light rail from Midtown to Cumberland or we else still have to pay the 1 percent TSPLOST for 10 years but lose the benefit of the $865 million.

First of all, that statement is not true. There is a possibility of that happening, but it is not a given fact, as Mathews would have us believe. This issue, as well as the list of projects is far from being “carved in stone” at this time, and will not be until Oct. 15. If it were, it would be time to tar and feather the people responsible for putting it together, including Mathews and Lee.

There was virtually no input from taxpayers prior to the list being formalized. More importantly, to the best of my knowledge, the regional roundtable is a group of politicians playing with my money and yours, few, if any of whom have more than a nodding acquaintance with light rail technology or urban transportation planning.

At present, a little more than $1 billion of TSPLOST is earmarked for Cobb County. They tell us that we are lucky to have about 97 percent of our taxes returned to Cobb County. First of all, if that were true, and it is not, that is not a very good deal. We are getting 100 percent on the local SPLOSTs we currently have going on.


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