Cherokee County: T-SPLOST is “doomed to failure”

The Cherokee Tribune take a look at the Transportation Investment Act – AKA TSPLOST.  Surveys show few believe the one percent sales tax to be voted on in July 2012 will pass. Here is what they had to say….


According to a recent Georgia Municipal Association survey, half of the state’s mayors and city council members are worried that a 2012 referendum on adding another penny to local sales taxes — this one for regional transportation projects — is doomed to failure.

The survey was mailed to 2,450 mayors, council members, city managers and city clerks around the state and netted 609 responses. Statewide results of the survey had 49.6 percent of city officials saying they didn’t think the Transportation Special-Purpose Local Option Sales Tax would earn voter approval, with 31.9 saying they didn’t know whether it would pass or not, and only 18.6 percent expecting it to pass.

Officials around the state have also been known to play games with scheduling SPLOST referendums, moving them away from primary and general election dates, when large numbers of people can be expected at the polls, to lesser-known special election dates when only the most motivated voters will make an effort to get to the polls.

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