TSPLOST: Cobb Rail – N. S. E. W. ?

The editors at the Marietta Daily Journal tease the suggestion that by moving the latitude and longitude of the proposed $1 (point -something-something) billion dollar rail line Cobb County voters “might” be more likely to vote for the $6.5 Billion 10 county transportation sales tax referendum slated for July 2012.

Their readers questioned not only the logic of the rail line but also the cost of spending 85% of the proposed tax on 13 miles of rail with only one mile within Cobb County.

If such a transit line is going to be built, is a line connecting the Cumberland Mall area and Midtown really the best route? We suspect that Cobb and other northwest Georgia residents would say “no” — and by an overwhelming margin. But that is what is on the table, and that is what would sop up the lion’s share of the estimated $1.1 billion generated for Cobb by the 1 percent, 10-year TSPLOST if it is passed next year by voters in the 10-county metro region.

Read more: The Marietta Daily Journal – TSPLOST Rail Reroute might make plan more palatable

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