Is TSPLOST taxation without representation?

DEAR EDITOR: As the coming TSPLOST debate and eventual vote begins in earnest this coming year, I believe we may find our beloved Cobb in the proverbial place of “being between a rock and hard place.” First, let me state unequivocally, I do not favor the passage of the proposed TSPLOST in its present form. In fact, upon closer inspection, it seems that Cobb citizens could be saddled with a tax which has no sunset in sight and has little to no benefit to Cobb. This tax could potentially be forced upon Cobb, even if the majority of voters in our county reject this additional tax at the ballot box. While I am not suggesting the officials on the 10 county regional transportation board do not have the best interest of the citizens in mind, the existence of this governmental body seems to potentially violate a number of constitutional principles. The establishment of this body seems to embrace the concept of virtual representation, which our founding fathers rejected outright. Instead our nation has long supported a republic form of government since our nation’s birth. As a practicing attorney, life time student of the law and involved citizen, I believe we may hear the old familiar argument used by our founding fathers of “no taxation without representation” if Cobb correctly rejects this poorly thought out transportation tax and yet our citizens are still forced to pay for it due to the votes of other counties.  Marsha Lake – Marietta

Read more: The Marietta Daily Journal – Is TSPLOST taxation without representation

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