TSPLOST: Atlanta Region Project List Revealed

The AJC reports the Atlanta Regional Transportation Roundtable has released a list of projects on August 15 2011, the deadline for project submissions.

“This is a victory for the region,” said Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, who played a central role in the negotiations, and is credited as key in getting the referendum law passed last year. “I think what turned the tide is not quitting and not being overcome by frustration or anger. There were a couple of moments where the conversation and the work could have gone either way. And I think all of the members did a good job of walking that back.”

The 10-year tax is expected to raise $7.2 billion, of which $6.1 billion goes to the regional project list. The other $1.1 billion may be spent by counties and cities on transportation projects of their choosing.

For some voters, that seems unlikely. Monday morning, about 20 tea party members gathered in the Capitol, many from Fayette County, to lambaste the transportation tax, and efforts that are under way to move the 2012 referendum vote from the July primary to the November general election.

“They want to skew the outcome,” said Debbie Dooley, one of their leaders. Dooley added that she would consider the tax proposal only if the portion going toward mass transit were 25 percent or less. The portion approved in the draft Monday is about 55 percent, according to the Atlanta Regional Commission.

Read the full story here>>>


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