Reaction mixed on regional transportation list

AJC reports on public reaction to the TSPLOST project list.

“Whatever the final list turns out to be, it won’t be enough to sway voters in Cherokee County, said H.T. Bradford.”

“We don’t look for this to do anything for us,” said Bradford, a leader of the Hickory Flat Tea Party Patriots, who plans to work on defeating the regional tax. “This is not worth swallowing a 1 percent tax. There is nothing wrong with traffic in Cherokee County that getting up 15 minutes early won’t solve. This will be another sales tax that won’t go away.”

“The only way this is going to be a successful program is if we invest in transit, get people out of their cars and reduce traffic,” DeKalb Commissioner Lee May said. “If I-20 is not in there, getting us to Wesley Chapel, I don’t see it. If [DeKalb and Fulton residents] can’t see that benefit from the two pennies [the existing MARTA tax and regional transportation tax] they’re going to be paying, it’s going to be difficult.”

Read the full story here>>>


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